The Garage Sale Project presents small scale exhibitions within the unassuming confines of a one car garage in the city of San Francisco. Individuals exhibit their craft as well as curated personal items which are then for sale to the public. When scheduled, exhibitions will usually open on Friday evenings and run the course of one weekend.  Each exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition zine/catalog or other printed memorabilia. 


Originally developed in 2008, The Garage Sale Project began as a “one time only” DIY showcase concept by San Francisco based craftsmen + photographer Jack Halloway.  The idea was simple…use his one car garage to show some photos and get rid of some stuff. This would generate income for photo supplies and feedback on new work.  Not long after the inaugural event, friends turned fans and other artists were requesting more from The Garage Sale Project.

Now, an ever growing community of artists and personalities continue to be invited to utilize this humble street level showcase to share their stories. Our simple strategy has developed diverse and loyal following which blends an influx of random street traffic and neighbors, with artists and patrons,  creating a dialog that might not occur in a traditionally less approachable space. We are very proud of this and encourage more people to discover artful things in the everyday places.